Whether you are just starting a business or have been around for many years, everything is changing by the day thanks to several factors.

The employee along with the consumer isn’t the same people after the pandemic era.

The first thing needed in today’s fast-paced world is content that Grabs Attention at first glance!

It doesn’t matter how nice your website looks or how good your offer is, if your content doesn’t catch attention right away then the rest of the path stops.

We provide a monthly membership program that delivers fresh monthly content for $169 to draw attention to your Brand and Save Money.

Plus, our admins will randomly “LIKE and SHARE” your posts on our Network of over 88,000 followers. 


Get $283 Worth of Media Content Every Month For $169

The Club Membership includes (7) Fresh Creatives for Social Media posts/Ad Campaigns.

Produced from your Images, video clips, or royalty-free stock media specifically for your Business.

We add subtitles, music, and generate your assets in a standard square format.

(5) High-Impact Custom Social Media Video Ads

(2) Free Images For Branding/Employee Appreciation/Specials

Plus we’ll randomly “LIKE and SHARE” your posts on our network of over 88K followers free of charge.

Unlike most marketing agencies, we are here to build relationships and add businesses to the network.

Besides delivering creatives, we provide a social media studio and allow you to leverage our social media presence of over

Followers on Social Media Channels


If you are a retail, restaurant, or service-type business then you should only be interested in spending money on marketing to a defined area.

Defining your perfect avatar (customer) is very important to succeed today.

Example: It would be a waste of time and resources to spend money on Facebook ads if your target audience is the younger crowd.

The same holds true if you are trying to get in front of 45-60 year-old females, very few would be hanging out on TikTok.

Running marketing campaigns without an offer is wasting time and money in today’s envoirnment.


Rough economic times are headed our way.

 Don’t be a statistic, keep your Brand in the eye of the consumer.


With over 100K Followers, we help amplify our members across social media platforms organically.

With targeted ad campaigns, we’ll deliver your message to consumers interested specifically to consumers interested in your product or service.

Purchase, Lease, or Rent Websites, Landing pages, Sales Funnels for maximizing ad campaigns.


If your operation is held hostage by toxic workers, we provide Independent Contractors who can be called on when needed.

This type of environment is not sustainable to keep a business productive and is toxic for the entire staff, not to mention the loss of customers that will not be returning because of an unpleasant experience.

Onboarding Tutorials

Since your staff members are the first point of contact, they are the ones answering phones, greeting customers, interacting with shoppers, and representing the business.

It makes sense to have them properly trained to represent your brand.

BizKits Packages

In today’s climate, you need a compelling offer to get customers to take action on your products or services.

Especially with the economic conditions in play, consumers for the most part are looking for deals plain and simple.

It all starts with engaging content to get noticed in a noisey marketplace.

We generate targeted ad campaigns to help bring in more revenues.

We also offer commission stuctured Partner Programs to qualified applicants.


If a marketing agency is really concerned about helping your business make more sales.

It’s going to take some research and then testing and tuning on your ad campaigns to get the best ROI.

To get in front of consumers that are activly seeking a roofing contractor in your market, pricing will be completely different according to several factors.

A Google Search Ad for a Roofer in Dallas,TX will cost more that a roofer in New Iberia, LA campaign.

Why?, mainly because there is more competition bidding on the keywords.

Social Media Admin

Admin of 5 Social Media platforms posting everyday except Sunday – Monthly cost Add $800

48-50 Posts

Hashtags & Captions

Content creation (Video and Static)

Schedule posts


Engagement with followers

Because one size doesn’t fit all these days

 Give us a short description of where you are with your business so we can provide an accurate assessment and help you scale.

BizKit Packages

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